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            Because it works!  Most of us will have muscle soreness after we do certain tasks such as raking leaves, cutting/trimming grass, playing a round of golf, moving furniture or doing any activity we just aren’t use to doing or in any kind of physical shape to do these various tasks!  Researchers at Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John’s, Canada completed a study of two different types of cold therapy; one was ice and the other Biofreeze.  These researchers compared these two cold therapies and how effective they were on freezing delayed onset muscle soreness, (DOMS).  They found that Biofreeze reduced DOMS by 63% more than ice!

            Muscle soreness is often seen in athletes or in those of us that take on an uncommon activity or over training when we exercise.  The major symptom of DOMS is pain which causes an inhibition of the contraction force of the muscle.  This inhibition can last up to several days after the offending activity.  The pain that results from unaccustomed activity or “over doing it” is from muscle damage and inflammation.

            Menthol, which is the active ingredient in Biofreeze, is considered to be a counterirritant which stimulates the temperature receptors in the skin which gives us that pain relieving effect we look for.  Research has shown that Biofreeze reduces blood flow and pain just as ice does, but they found that Biofreeze reduced DOMS by 63% and allowed greater muscle contraction when compared to ice applications to the overused muscle.