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As the years go by, you mightrecognize that we just arent what we use to be.  I frequently tell mypatients that unlike wine and cheese, we dont get better as we age.  Wemust be very pro-active to be the best we can be.  An active life style isa must if we want our bodies to take care of us as the years go by.  Dr.Christian Kollar, Minnesota Chiropractic Association President, stated thatthe earlier you take care of your body the longer it will continue to takecare of you and its never too late to start.

Here are some of the anti-aging tipsgiven by Dr. Kollar:

Keep your body moving everyday.  This can be as easy as taking the stairs, go to the mall or the bigbox stores and take a walk, or even easier get just take a walk around theblock.

Drink plenty of liquids throughoutthe day.  I prefer water over the high calorie high carbohydrate sugarydrinks.

Make sure your diet contains plentyof fiber.

Have fun with family andfriends.  Do activities you enjoy doing.bobo

Get plenty of rest.

The Minnesota ChiropracticAssociation also encourages to have regular chiropractic adjustments to correctspinal misalignments/joint dysfunction to minimize the mechanical stress of joints, remove nerve irritation, increase circulation, decrease muscle tensionand improve spinal functionall of these help our bodies return to a state ofbalance and harmony.  Please do yourself a favor: if you develop a newpain or an exacerbation of a chronic pain, please seek care as soon aspossible.  It is much easier and faster to treat a problem before it iswell established or becomes chronic.