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We value our patients' experience at Mungovan Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Michael Mungovan
Your Fort Wayne Chiropractor

My experiences at Mungovan Chiropractic have all been very professional, courteous, and caring.  The staff does an excellent job with care and promptness.  I’ve never had to wait for service either clerically or professionally.  “Doc” has that special knowledge of just what to do.  His knowledge and touch has helped me many a time to get back to a more normal life.

~D.W., 02/26/14


I came to Dr. Mungovan with pain so severe in my neck that I had missed work and could not get comfortable to sleep.  I was worried about having my neck adjusted, but could not handle the pain anymore.  Dr. Mungovan talked me through the procedure and helped me relax.  After only one adjustment, I experienced a marked amount of relief.  I was able to sleep that night and function more normally the next day.  After two sessions, I am feeling about 90% back to “normal”.  My only regret is not coming to get treatment sooner, instead, I allowed my pain level to increase to the point of near agony.  The sessions are painless and gentle – and I wish I would have gone in right away.

~J.F., 01/21/14


My experience at Mungovan Chiropractic has been nothing but outstanding!  I suffered for years from chronic headaches and neck pain.  I finally got to a breaking point and called Mungovan Chiropractic.  The very first consultation with Dr. Mungovan was informative and educational.  He explained everything to me and his treatment plan.  I followed doctor’s orders and now have very few, if any, headaches.  The staff at Mungovan Chiropractic is very professional and friendly and I have and would recommend anyone to try them!

~K. U., 07/17/2013


I had suffered with crippling lower back pain for over 40 years. Using crutches, getting prescriptions, and the advised bed rest all made no improvement.

About 16 years ago, during one especially bad episode, my sister insisted that I see Dr. Mungovan. Having worked for a physician, I had a skewed opinion of chiropractic but had exhausted all other options.

I needed help walking into his office. I expected painful treatments but was delighted to discover that they were all very soothing. After several sessions, I was not only able to walk without pain, but began to live normally. Then, when I fell on my shoulder, Dr. Mungovan brought it back to full use.

 Today, when I am hurting, my first thought is to call Dr. Mungovan. And he fixes it!

P.S. I am now 81, and can still Jitterbug!

~N.S., 9-17-2012


I woke up one morning with a bad pain in my lower right back. I called Dr. Mungovan and he got me in right away. After my first treatment, I felt so much better and could move more freely. He listened to my needs and gave me all his attention. Dr. Mungovan helped me to become pain free, is always happy to see me, and gives me first-rate care. He never rushes through my treatments and always makes things better for me.

~J.B., 9-25-2012


I had a bad fall 8 months ago and after trying several options was not able to get any relief from the severe pain in my lower back and hip.  My life, as I knew it, pretty much came to a standstill. I was not able to exercise, take walks, or ride my bike. I was skeptical about going to a chiropractor but decided to give it a try and chose Dr. Mungovan.  Since seeing him, my pain level has been much more tolerable . I am now able to take walks and hope to resume other activities soon. Dr. Mungovan is very caring and interested in making you 100% better He takes time to listen. I couldn't have picked a better chiropractor.

Thanks Dr. Mungovan and your wonderful staff, Barb and Jason! I now feel there is hope to get back on track!

~A.G., 9-9-2012